Friday, October 15, 2004

Reagan Memorial

With the Conservative push to slap Reagan's name on anything not moving, the pressure is on to get Reagan on our currency. There has been alot of noise about taking FDR off the dime and replacing him with Reagan. That will never happen, but here's some plausible possibilities.

In order to get people to adopt dollar coins, we should stop printing 1 dollar bills. The new coin should be the size, weight, and edge type of the Sac Buck, but in a silver toned metal with Washington on the obverse and a tribute to a figure from American history on the reverse which changes every year. They could start with Reagan.

In addition, Reagan could have his own coin in the form of a regularly minted bi-metal 2 dollar coin. This would be especially appropriate as the Canadians call their 2 dollar coins 'loonies'.

Finally, we could honor the memory of Reagan's Presidency by naming that financial institution after him which he did more than any previous President to build and nourish. Though for awhile at the end of the Clinton Presidency it looked as if this important institution would be shortsightedly abolished, George W. Bush rescued it from possible oblivion. Without further ado I introduce to you - The Ronald Reagan Memorial Federal Deficit. May his memory compound forever!


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