Friday, October 08, 2004

The meme that keeps on giving

Jonathan Chait of the Los Angeles Times seems to agree with me that in an odd way, Bush richly deserves to be re-elected. Chait argues that Bush should clean up his own financial and foreign policy disasters just as the onus should be squarely upon the Republican Party for causing those disasters. If Kerry wins, four years from now the GOP will be arguing that everything is Kerry's fault because he didn't follow Bush's glorious example. Even the Supreme Court is brushed aside as a reason not to re-elect Bush; Chait points out that the result of extreme appointments would be to reinvigorate the pro-choice movement in the states, and the Court would probably chicken-out of overturning Roe anyhow.

I'm personally convinced that Kerry is going to win, (dangerously optimistic and public prediction: Kerry wins with 290+ in the electoral college) but in a very real way, re-election is possibly the worst thing that could happen to Bush and the GOP. Left to his own devices, Bush may well end the GOP as a major party in this country given another four years to deftly and wisely lead his party. That might be worth another four years of hell. But probably not.


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