Monday, October 25, 2004

Bush covered up theft of high-explosives from iraq

Soldiers dying from EIDs and car bombs? Why yes, they are. Ever wonder why those techniques have been so efficient? Of course. Wonder no longer. A lot of the roadside bombs that have killed hundreds of US troops and maimed thousands have been made of HMX and RDX, as suggested by how infrequently the guerrillas have blown themselves up in planting them. HMX and RDX are favored by terrorists because they are stable and will only explode via a blasting cap.

380 TONS of HMX and RDX explosives, some of the strongest conventional explosives in existence, disappeared while the Administration was trying to find it's ass in Iraq according to a new New York Times report. That much high-grade explosive could fuel terrorist attacks for years to come. Thanks Bush... and thanks for hiding it.

Incredibly, the International Atomic Energy Commission and European Union officials warned Bush before the war that these explosives needed to be safeguarded. Josh Marshall is suspicious that this major screw-up has been known to the Bush administration for some time, and that it may have pressured the Iraqi government not to mention it. It is irony itself that Bush, professing deep concern over WMD in Iraq failed to secure a key component of such capabilities. Thank God there were no WMD in Iraq or the invasion may well have placed them into the blackmarket where they could be acquired by terrorist networks. If Bush cannot even protect our troops from explosives at a sensitive facility in a country he had conquered, how is he going to protect the American public from terrorists who have not even yet been identified?


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