Monday, August 02, 2004

Teresa's Navajo Soul

When Teresa Heinz-Kerry toured the Navajo Nation with Democratic activist and District 3 State Representative candidate Peggy Toomey Harmmann, Teresa amazed everyone with her in-depth knowledge of the Navajo culture and the issues facing the Nation.

It turns out that Teresa had a Navajo roommate while living in Switzerland. There are those who question the utility of an understanding of other peoples. Teresa demonstrates the practical value of a liberal education and a thorough understanding of people who are different than oneself. With her broad knowledge of many cultures.

Teresa is going to be a major asset to Kerry's campaign. She may make a decisive contribution here in Arizona with her insight into the needs of the Navajo Nation. The turnout and voting preferences of Native Americans are likely going to determine the outcome of Sentatorial and House races in several Western states. As such, the Nations may determine the majority in the Congress, and the Presidential election itself. With a knowledgable and sympathetic First Lady as his Ambassador, Kerry may do very well among the Nations, indeed.


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