Tuesday, August 03, 2004

RNC Committeeman Pullen Fraudenlently Elected

Ernesto Portillo Jr. of the Arizona Daily Star today reported on a scandal in the Republican party which has been brewing for months. RNC National Committeeman Randy Pullen, who was elected over former Committeeman Mike Hellon at this year's State convention by just 5 votes, is alleged to have prevailed by vote fraud. An internal party investigation alleges Pullen supporters used each other's credentials to vote multiple times and stuff the ballot box.

The Republican party's attorney reports that "the available evidence is sufficient to conclude that illegal voting likely took place in the election for national committeeman," and that "the evidence is sufficient to make an election challenge."

Randy Pullen is one of the leaders of the Prop 200, the "Protect Arizona Now" initiative. That initiative is predicated upon an allegation of wide-spread voter fraud by illegal aliens and Mexican national residents in Arizona. Because of that association, the allegations of Pullen's fraudulent victory are particularly damning, and if true, highlights an undeniable degree of hypocrisy in the hard right of the Arizona GOP.

Arizona GOP party Chairman Bob Fannin, and other party leaders, have decided not to pursue a new National Committeeman election for fear that the resultant wide-spread revelation of vote fraud within the party might generate negative publicity. But it may also denote a certain ideological satisfaction with the outcome of Pullen's stolen election.


At 9:54 PM, Blogger Bill said...

In light of your item, I thought you might be interested in this column I sent to the Arizona Republic. I doubt that they'll run it as a guest column or letter, but who knows:

The Guiding Hand of Randy Pullen

I appreciate Randy Pullen's September 16 column in The Republic. As a lifelong Republican who receives many communications from the party, I must have missed the official memo telling me what Republicans must believe.
So, it was helpful to read Mr. Pullen's list of Republican "core values." As a Republican national committeeman, he must be an important and wise man, with the power to pronounce doctrine and identify errant views.
I hope he will now be helpful in overcoming some of my confusion on a number of his core value points:
-- He says "Reject any measure aimed at making health care a government-run enterprise." Does he mean right-thinking Republicans must oppose Medicare services and reject the President's prescription drug program?
-- He says "The taxation system should not be used to redistribute wealth or fund ever-increasing entitlements and social programs." Does he mean no redistribution of wealth -- such as sales tax revenue gifts to auto mall developers -- or just no redistribution of wealth where social programs, such as shelters for the homeless, are involved? Does he mean the government should refuse to shore up Social Security if payroll deduction revenues run short in the future?
-- He says believers in Republican core values "Support a human life amendment to the Constitution…." Does that mean Sen. Barry Goldwater's Republican credentials should be revoked posthumously because he supported a woman's right of choice and remained true to his believe that government should stay out of the lives and thoughts of citizens?
-- He says a constitutional amendment that protects marriage is a core value. Does that mean he would vigorously support a crackdown on polygamous marriages and living arrangement in northwestern Arizona that exploit women and children and rob tax dollars? (See also the redistribution of wealth core value.)
I so want to keep my Republican core values pure. If I had only received that memo on party membership requirements, I wouldn't have these and other questions.
Would it perhaps be helpful, Mr. Pullen, if we Republicans were all issued a little red book to carry? It would help us memorize the core values and aid us in reciting them when called upon by important GOP leaders, such as national committeepersons. Would it also be helpful for us to have uniforms so we could be distinguished from non-believers?
I'm sure we all look to and appreciate the guidance Mr. Pullen provides. It helps keep us straight about the beliefs we must hold to be loyal Republicans. And I appreciate his magnanimity in saying those who may have strayed from authorized Republican beliefs will be welcome back when we repent.


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