Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Editor's Picks 8/4/04

Most of us don't have any shortage of reasons to boot Bush out of our stolen Presidency. But some people might feel like there aren't enough reasons. For them, here is 1000 reasons to wake them up and put the Bush Nightmare behind us.

The (in)Justice Department directed Federal document depository libraries around the country (which consist mostly of university libraries) to destroy certain law books. The five titles were on the topic of asset forfeiture, or how to get your stuff back from the government when it is taken as evidence or a penalty. Once word got out, however, they quickly reversed themselves. This behavior is a perfect example of a government turned criminal. Like a theif in the night, they jiggle every doorknob looking for an unlocked door. Upon finding one, they sneak in and steal everything within. Unless the inhabitants fight back, in which case they retreat like curs back into the night.

Kerry sketched his exit plan from Iraq for the LA Times. Kerry relies on the prestige of the Presidency, which has been greatly diminished by the current Resident, and his personal credibility to gain the cooperation of the world in Iraq. An open question is whether other major powers will be willing to bail us out of Bush's stupid mistake? Even with the incentives of participation in reconstruction contracts, and oil development, will many countries be willing to send their troops into harms way when their populations are adamantly opposed? Some will; but will it be enough to allow us to largely withdraw as Kerry envisions? I have my doubts. I'm of the opiinon that only three outcomes are likely in Iraq: dictatorship, Shi'ite rule, or civil war. Take your pick.

9/11 Translator Sibel Edmonds breaks her imposed silence. She demands to know why the 9/11 Commission failed to address the backlog of translations which she claims contained evidence which could have prevented the 9/11 tragedies. And why those responsible for suppressing this information remain at their posts.

Henry Waxman is at it again. New reports condemn the misuse of Iraqi reconstruction funds and systematic corruption in awarding government contracts to Halliburton. It would be funny, if it were not so hypocritical that these facts are being largely ignored by the media.

Prop 106, the Anti-Clean Elections initiative, is off Arizona's November ballot. A Superior Court judge ruled that it violated the state constitution's 'One Subject' requirement. Let's hope it stays dead.


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