Friday, August 13, 2004

Editor's Picks 8/13/04

Chief Justice Uncle Thomas:
It seems Bush may want to make pet rock Jusitice Clarence Thomas the Chief Justice of the United States. Just what we need, total White House control of yet another branch of government. The Court may have been a lap dog for Bush, but at least it hasn't yet abandoned all pretense of independence. Truth be told, Thomas as C.J. couldn't do much to change the court's behavior, but the affrontery of putting yet another reactionary Conservative mediocrity into the Madam Butterfly robes is intolerable.

Stealing Venezuela:
The polls are looking good for Hugo Chevez, one of the few elected officials in the Americas who actually cares for the poor, to retain his Presidency in the coming recall election. However, things are made uncertain by the 67 million dollars our Justice Department has paid Choicepoint (of the FL purge fame) for the voter rolls of Venezuela and other Latin American countries, according to Muckraker Greg Pallast. Choicepoint may have given these files to Chavez's opposition. Looks like the Bush Administration is preparing for another coup attempt in Venezuela. Let's hope they underestimate support for the Bolivarian leader once again.

Like We Didn't Already Know:
The Congressional Budget Office confirms that about 1/3 of the Bush tax cuts have gone to the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the nation. Expect this issue to wind up in the Presidential debate dialog. Expect Bush to level charges of class warfare and that those who pay the most deserve the most relief. Expect Kerry to demolish this position with ease.

Also Like We Didn't Already Know:
The Nation reports on the ongoing reconstruction of Iraq. It finds what looks much more like organized crime than legitimate business. Suprise! Not.

Interim Council Showing Some Spine:
Aljazeera reports that over half of the 30 member council have resigned over the American assault on Fallujah. It's nice to see the occassional government official with some sense of propriety. Just what does crushing Fallujah, and other semi-autonomous cities, by a massive use of force have to do with 'bringing democracy to Iraq' anyhow? I challenge anyone to give me a reason to for these campaigns that is defensible in terms of pacifying and democratizing Iraq. Give these Shi'ites civil rights gaurantees in exchange for a prescribed role in the government, including veto power over any laws regarding their practice of religion, and the heart would go out of the 'rebellion' overnight, depsite any pressure from Iran to demand majority control of Iraq's government.


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