Friday, August 06, 2004

David Hoile - Flacking for Death

I would like to introduce David Hoile, aka Oily Hoile, a marvelous example of how an unscrupulous hack PR flack can distort and derail even so worthy a cause as stopping a genocide. Hoile's one man PR machine, the European Sudanese Public Affairs Council, works for just one client, so far as anyone can tell (as Hoile refuses to reveal is source of funding and accounts): the Sudanese government. His assignment is simple: keep the West off Sudan's back while the government murders, displaces, and enslaves thousands of innocent people.

His biased, often eggregiously ad hominem attacks upon those who criticize the Sudanese government are distributed widely among policy makers, especially in England, and can be very influential if one does not know what, and who, one is dealing with. There is some considerable public doumentation of Mr. Hoile's rather notoriously tolerant views regarding the moral virtue of dictators, murderers, racists, and mass killers, as well as his flackish MO. Mr Hoile has apparently always been at odds with the 'Conventional Wisdom'. At college he notoriously wore a tie that said, "Hang Mandela". I suppose then it should not be surprising he ended up as a paid flack for a government to whom population control has a much different meaning, indeed.

Mr. Hoile proves one thing about human nature: some men would suck Satan's cock for the right price.


At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've just stumbled on Hoile this evening while trawling for some info on Sudan. ESPAC's website is out of this world. This guy is serious dickcheese. Given what's going on in Darfur, he needs to be brought to account for making money out of this shit... is anyone on to this?


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