Saturday, August 28, 2004

Bush the Deserter?

As part of the AWOL project, a new working paper analyzing the transfer requested by Bush to the Alabama Reseve has been released for public comment. The analysis concludes that Bush's 'attempted transfer' was simply an attempt to desert his position in the Texas Guard by exploiting the transfer procedures of the Guard, exploding several myths and blockades of agitpop produced by the Bushit Machine, such as the following:

MYTH: Bush was requesting a temporary training assignment when he submitted his “Request for Reassignment” to the 9921st Air Reserve Squadron.
FACT:  The purpose of the document submitted was a complete reassignment, involving cutting all ties to, and eliminating all commitments to the Texas Air National Guard.
MYTH: Bush was approved for transfer to the 9921st Air Reserve Squadron, and he didn’t have to train with his Texas unit until that transfer was overturned by the Air Reserve Personnel Center (ARPC).
FACT: No orders reassigning Bush to the 9921st ARS were ever issued, and absent such orders Bush no transfer had ever taken place.  Until Bush received those orders, he remained assigned to the Texas Air National Guard, and maintained his training requirement.
MYTH:  Bush did not know he was not eligible for a transfer to the 9921st ARS.  (This, of course, is more than just a myth.  It is Bush’s “official” position, as expressed by his spokesman during the 2000 presidential election campaign).
FACT:  The documents themselves prove that Bush was fully aware that, as a member of the 9921st ARS, he would be unable to fulfill the requirements established for him under United States Law, and Air Force policy...

There is a law concerning a member of the United States Armed Forces who :”quits his post or proper duties without leave and with intent to remain away therefrom permanently”.  
That law is 10 USC 885 of the United States Code, also known as Article 85 of The Uniform Code of Military Justice. 

And Article 85 has a name. It is “Desertion.”

This should be a very awkward time for Bush. However, you and I both know that the mainstream media would rather eat baby rattlesnakes than print this or confront him with the questions raised by this analysis. This will have to be be spread through the net, by email, blog, message board, and IM. We will have to print this article and pass it around, make fliers with links to the appropriate info, talk to reporters in our communities about this information, and make this material available to vets and active duty servicemen and women at VFWs and bases in our communities. It is up to you to make the people pay attention to the possibility that a goddamn deserter holds the rank of Commander in Chief of our armed forces.

Spread the word.


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