Friday, July 23, 2004

Veterans for Kerry Rally: Rassmann Saves the Day

From the field:

I just came from a Veterans for Kerry Rally with Jim Rassmann. The Bushmen had a protest planned and ready. They came and parked up the parking lot so that Kerry supporters would not be able to attend the rally. Then they blocked the drive way and accosted people as they came in and out of the parking lot. This is unacceptable, and we should not let them get away with it, nor should we not reply in kind. We, however, must be more civil.

On the 5th, I called for a counter rally to the Vets for Bush Rally held on 22nd Street. I had no takers. We were too civil. We must not let opportunities like this to pass again. However, I had planned to have our demonstration across the street from their rally on the Public Right of Way. The Bush people held their counter rally amongst our rally.

I have deep respect for what Mr. Rassmann did in response. He allowed the Vets for Bush into the event and let them ask questions. He responded to their questions and explained why he, a Republican, has voted for Carter, Clinton and Gore and will vote for Kerry. It was a good rally, and Mr. Rassmann's civility set the tone, so that even the Vets for Bush were civil with their questions. They tried to score points, but Mr. Rassmann gave no ground. I commended him for holding the rally as he did, that people of divergent opinions can come together to discuss their divergence in a civil manner, which is the kind of country that John Kerry is fighting for. Even the Bush supporters had to applaud. It is more than they would do accommodate those that differ from them.

So, LET'S GO!!!! GO KERRY-EDWARDS!!!! and the rest of the Democratic Ticket!!

Jim Rassmann was the Green Beret that Kerry went back for after he had been blown out of Kerry's boat during a fire fight.


At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rassmann, has a different story every day on what happened to him, I believe he was in the water, I believe Kerry's boat picked him up, and Kerry gave him a hand after he was partly on the boat.

After that I don't believe a single thing that Rassmann says. Orchastration has a particular sound, and I think I am hearing it.


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