Saturday, July 31, 2004


AZDems Candidates Shop has Teresa! merchandise now. Stop in and pick up a button, bumpersticker, or other item to show your support for Teresa Heinz-Kerry. The next First Lady is going to be as big, if not a bigger issue in the Right's culture war as Hillary ever was. Teresa is intellectual, irrascable, wealthy, independant, and multi-cultural and a devoted and successful wife and mother to boot. If you don't know much about her, you can learn more in this article.

She makes Laura Bush look like the sheltered little damslefly she is. It really says something that Laura Bush is considered the intellectual light of the current White House. Now, I have great respect for librarians, and I'm sure that Laura is much smarter than her man, but Laura is just not a very admirable person. I'm sure she has her good qualities, but, hey, look who she married. I can only conclude that the woman has no moral center, or she's simply blinded by love of a highly unworthy man of very limited gifts. More's the pity.

Teresa, other the other hand, doesn't suffer fools gladly, let alone marry them. Which means she'll be tearing the moronic pols of the Right new ones on a regular basis. She will be certainly be the bete-noir of the Kerry Administration and I say, "you go, girl!" Get used to defending her now, 'cause you'll be doing plenty of it for the next 8 years. I dare say we'll all come to enjoy the sport, too. If you adore Hillary for the tweaking she's given the nose of her enemies over the years, just wait until you she Teresa swing into action.


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