Thursday, July 15, 2004

Stu Starkey, Democrat for Arizona

McCain cannot hide forever....

Someone forgot to tell Senator McCain we have an election in Arizona also this year. While the Senator campaigns with VP Cheney he ignores the people of Arizona. From July 17th through July 31st, Stuart Starky will be at forums in Kingman, Prescott, Parker and Glendale while Arizona's Senator hides from the voters each time.

While Stu Starky speaks of his vision for Arizona and the issues of our time, Arizona's Senator hides in the "bushes" of a broken political dream. The people of Arizona not only deserve an explanation of where Senator McCain has been as their Senator they also have the right to ask where he plans on going. Is this election just another obstacle in his quest for the Presidency?

In Stu's words "On behalf of my campaign and my ideas for America, I look forward to seeing as many Arizonans as possible over the next four months. I regret the Senator is to busy on Meet the Press and running for President to come to Arizona and debate the issues".


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