Monday, July 19, 2004

News: Censoring History by Majority Vote

Representative Corrine Brown of Florida had the guts to name the real issue lurking beneath this election: the 2000 election being stolen in Florida. She had the courage to say openly and on the record what many of us feel. In response House Republicans carried out an another coup d'etat, this time against the judgement of history.

The Republicans voted to strike the word 'stole' from the Congressional record on the basis of a House rule which requires members not to accuse other members of a crime. This is a ridiculous interpretation of the rule. Representative Brown did not level her 'accusation' at any specific member, but only referred to Republicans in general. Of course, the Republican's party-line vote to stike implicitly acknowledges their guilt.

Representative Brown said of the incident, "Striking my words from the House floor is just one more example of the Republican Party's attempt to try and cover up what happened during the 2000 election and of their activities this year in the state of Florida in preparation for stealing this year’s election as well. What is the Republican Party so afraid of? Let me tell you what I'm afraid of: another stolen election and four more years of the Bush administration.

Here are the modified remarks of Representative Brown from the floor, and the New York Times article had placed in the record.


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