Friday, July 30, 2004

Nancy Reagan to Bush: 'We Don't Support Your Re-Election'

Nancy Reagan does not want Bush re-elected, or for the GOP to use any images or words of the later Ronald Reagan at the upcoming GOP convention. Splitting with Bush over stem-cell research and what Ron Reagan terms the Republican Party's "cringing obeisance to the religious right," the whole Reagan family is essentially repudiating where Bush has taken the party that Reagan did so much to rebuild (better had he left it a moribund pack of misfits, IMO).

Addendum 18:08PM: Take this story with a grain of salt. I am having more than a little doubt as to the sourcing and veracity of this story.

Addendum 18:59PM: There is at least a grain of truth behind the story. Ron Reagan excoriates Bush's dishonesty and dishonor in an article in the latest Esquire,

Addendum 8/5/04: So the old scarecrow didn't grow a conscience after all. Nancy Reagan gave her endorsement to Bush in response to the persistent internet rumours that she had refused to support the Resident. One has to wonder if she would have just kept her mouth shut and left her admirers in doubt had she not been pushed. Just another reason why rumour mongering (which, apparently I have just abetted) is a self-defeating proposition.


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