Saturday, July 03, 2004

Local Action Opportunities

For those of you hankering to get involved in this critical campaign cycle:

Work within the Kerry campaign.  The effort will be centered around precinct organization.  Volunteer Precinct Captains are needed throughout the area.  Volunteers do not need to be precinct committee people, though they may be.  Contact David Higuera to volunteer (  Headquarters at Democratic Party headquarters on east First Street, one block south of Speedway and one block west of Swan Blvd.

Participate in Democratic Party activities such as voter registration. Organize or participate in precinct parties.  Become a precinct committeeman. Contact Barbara Bernstein to volunteer (  See Pima Co. HQ address above.

Join the Raul Grijalva Campaign that is working to register voters and then to get out the vote in the fall.  While the group is centered around Raul Grijalva's campaign, it is much broader in scope and will definitely influence the turnout in Congressional District 7. Every weekend people walk in neighborhoods, talking to residents.  Contact Grijalva's office ( or visit headquarters on Broadway, one block east of Kino-Campbell, next to the Safeway.

Volunteer for the Arizona Coordinated Campaign.  This is an effort to coordinate support for all Democratic races in the state.  The Tucson office will open at Democratic headquarters (in the old Dean office) within a week and volunteers will be needed.  Contact Barbara Bernstein (above).
Keep It Clean is working to save Arizona's excellent campaign finance system for state elections.  This system is under threat through an initiative.  People are needed to give and attend fundraising houseparties and do phoning.  Contact Jeff Simpson (  Headquarters are next to Grijalva headquarters on Broadway.

Work for candidates for Congress, the Arizona Corporation Commission, and the Legislature that share Dean's values. These include Nina Trasoff, Scott Clark, and Mark Maniol for ACC; Eva Bacal, Tim Sultan, or Jeff Chemme of Tim Sultan for Congress in District 8 against Jim Kolbe; Paul Babbitt for Congress against Dick Renzi (northern Arizona); Stu Starky for U.S. Senate against John McCain; and all of our excellent Democratic state legislative candidates.  Information on contacting specific candidates will soon be on the sidebar of, or by contacting


At 10:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stuart Starky for United States Senate has been in Tucson now 22 times since starting to collect signatures... We can win.


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