Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Latinos for Republicans like Cockroaches for Raid

Just got my daily dose of insanity and hatred from the Bush campaign. Now they are proclaiming that "Democrats compare Latino Republicans to cockroaches."

The basis for their assertion? John Leguiziamo, whom they tiresomely call a "comedian" (yes, with quotes... ), quiped at Kerry's much-bashed New York celebrity fundraiser, "... Latins for Republicans, it's like roaches for Raid."

Of course the GOP hate mail failed to include the actual quote by Leguiziamo in their message. Leguiziamo was not comparing Latinos to cockroaches, but the relationship between the GOP and Latinos to the relationship between bug spray and bugs. But the GOP distort this apt observation from a joke by a single irreverent comedian, into Democratic policy. Now the GOP implies the "Democrats" are saying Latino Republicans ARE cockroaches. Next they'll claim it's secrety in our damn platform!

The sort of racially loaded propaganda to which the GOP will resort on behalf of Bush is truly low. I received several emails from the BC'04 campaign about Kerry's fundraiser, complaining about Whoopi calling Bush names, begging for a tape of the event to turn into campaign commercials using out-of-context moments, and so forth, but THIS one, the worst and lowest blow of the lot, comes NOT from BC'04 but from the GOP. Gotta keep those hands clean, don't ya know.

Well, obviously this is targeted at Hispanic communities who might be persuaded to vote contrary to their own interests by the GOP's cultural terrorism. Preempt them with the whole story.

Contact your friends and family in the Latino communities around you, and let them know that the GOP is determined to lie to them to gain their support.


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