Friday, July 23, 2004

Grijalva to nominate Edwards DNC Convention

C.J. Karamargin reported today the announcement that Representative Raul Grijalva will be the second Arizona politician given the nod to address the convention. Grijalva will have the honor of nominating the Vice Presidential nominee, John Edwards.

Clearly this development is a reflection of how important Pima County is to this year's Presidential election, and how important Rep. Grijalva's network of volunteers will be in delivering the vote and a high turn-out. Even though Grijalva was a Dean supporter right up to the Arizona primary, Kerry's camp realize how dependent upon Grijalva they are in Southern Arizona.

Nor does it hurt that former Grijalva chief of staff, Ana Ma, is heading the Democratic Party's coordinated campaign in Arizona. Not only are Democratic hopes in CD 1, and maybe 8, riding on Ma's shoulders, but so are Governor Napolitano's hopes for a state legislature she can work with. The best way to acknowledge Ms. Ma's contribution is to honor her old boss.

Finally, it will be a treat for Arizona Democrats to see some of their favorite politicians featured prominently in the Democratic Convention. Convention planners are hoping that it will help to drive up turn-out in Arizona this November. Besides, with Senator McCain being featured prominently at the GOP convention, we Democrats have to have at least two featured Arizona speakers.

All in all, I prefer this schedule, or this one, for the GOP convention, rather than the pack of progressive and liberal Republicans the GOP was shoving to the front of the mob for the convention. Fortunately, the GOP has recently decided to put a few more of their more conservative faces up front at this insistence of conservatives. I just can't wait to see how many voters Rick Santorum can manage to alienate in a single nationally broadcast speech. He did wonderful things for Democrats with his last bit of national exposure wherein he likened homosexuality to having sex with dogs. What will it be this time, I wonder?


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