Sunday, July 18, 2004

The Fight of Our Lives

What I wouldn't give to have a gift of communication like that of Bill Moyers.His eloquence once again strikes a deep cord for me. You need to read this. Settle back, it will take a bit, but you'll be richly rewarded.

Moyers put things back in perpective for me, as he often does. Yesterday, I felt rather miserable and guilty about the bitter anger I feel about what is happening to our America. Seeing the works of those whose only concern seems to be the here and now, giving no thought for the future of Americans as a society, concerned only for what they can get by stealing, cheating, bribery, and lying, makes me furious. And I don't feel guilty anymore.

But I needn't be furious at those who can't see through the smokescreen of lies and the fog of the kulturkampf. They are not innocents, but they are victims, too. Or soon will be. Every single one. Even the nuts who want to veil the women and abolish the Constitution. They've been deceived, misled, and used. They deserve our pity and and our help to see clearly... and if they won't listen... well, people have to make up their own minds about how understanding they can stand to be, I guess. But we should kill them with kindness if we can.

But those who see the goal clearly, and still pursue it, deserve nothing but scorn... even our hatred. They hate the idea of America that you and I love. They want America to be a third-world country ruled by a vastly wealthy few with the rest of the population prostrate and unable to resist their tyranny. I see America's future under the RadCons as that of O'Brien's description in 1984; "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face -- for ever."

I will not tolerate the injustice of the society they want, and which they are creating even now. It breaks my heart. And it should. Liberals need constant reminding that this isn't a debate club. At the risk of sounding Jacobin, this is a death struggle. The fight of our lives. The fight for our lives, and, more importantly, for the lives of those who will come after us.

OK. Get to it. Read Moyers already.


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