Friday, July 09, 2004

Event: Ashcroft Besmirching AZ on 7/9

Ashcroft will be in Tucson at 11:45 am:

Attorney General John Ascroft will travel on July 9 to Tucson to meet with Violent Crime Impact Team, and to Phoenix to meet with Sen. Jon Kyl and federal law enforcement officials.

Following the meetings, he will hold a press availability in each location.

In Tucson, he will be at the Ocotillo Room at University of Arizona, 501 North Highland.

In Phoenix, he and Kyle will appear in Press Room 1227, U.S. Attorney's Office, Two Renaissance Square, 40 North Central Avenue, Suite 1200, Phoenix.

Sign making for the protest in Tucson begins at 8am at Pima Dem HQ (4639 E. 1st St. Tucson- 1 block S. of Speedway & Swan - 326-3716)


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