Saturday, July 10, 2004

Commentary: Reality Abolished by Executive Order

I got an email from BC'04 today that was some of the richest unintentional humor I've yet seen in the campaign. If you don't get at least an eye-roll out of this, you lack any sense of irony :) If you are wondering what they are in a snit about, it is a star-studded fundraiser which raked in 15 million bucks in one event. The real reason they are attacking Kerry about this event is they pray Kerry won't do that again.

The culture wars rhetoric of the GOP is on full display here. The sheer number of people who are destroying themselves by giving the GOP their votes against their economic interest is one of the most important issues of this election cycle. Some even say that the culture wars is the central disfunction of our political system today.

Dear Mike,

On Thursday night in New York City, the liberal left of Hollywood and the Kerry campaign got together for a star-studded hate fest the New York Times described as an "unsparing skewering of the Bush administration" that featured "actors and comedians denouncing the president as a liar, making off-color jokes about his name, and accusing him of risking soldiers' lives for political gain."

Kerry said "every single performer" had "conveyed to you the heart and soul of our country."
We disagree, and we're pretty sure you do too.

The Heart and Soul of America may disagree with a President, but they have respect for the office - a respect the Kerry campaign and its supporters seem unwilling, or unable to show in favor of vicious, venomous rhetoric.

Help us fight these attacks by making a contribution today at

With your help, we can show the liberal elite that the Heart and Soul of America doesn't believe in the politics of pessimism and hate spread by the Kerry-Edwards ticket, but prefers the politics of optimism and the President's positive agenda.

Help us ensure we have the resources to hit back the next time Kerry's coalition of out-of-the-mainstream surrogates call the president a "a cheap thug" or refer to the Administration as "a self-serving regime of deceit, hypocrisy and belligerence."

Help us continue spreading the President's hopeful message.

Help us reject the hypocrisy of the Kerry-Edwards ticket - hypocrisy that was on display Thursday night, and yet strangely culminated with Edwards claiming our campaign is one of "hateful, negative politics."

The Kerry-Edwards ticket clearly demonstrated who is waging the hateful and negative campaign by refusing to denounce the performers at Thursday's event.

Fight back!  Make a contribution today.

For those of your wondering about the thematic use of the phrase 'the Heart and Soul of America', try this for a final smack of the ironic: there is a film being released by Disney called "America's Heart and Soul", which explores American hope and patriotism. Many consider it to be an anti-F911, with a feel-good approach to the material comparable to a puffy campaign commercial. It looks like BC'04 might be considering incorporating this meme into their arsenal of cultural warfare weapons. Of course, Disney has no problem marketing THIS film.... Go figure.

Read more on the Culture Wars: Opposing Viewpoints, NOW w/ Bill Moyers on the Culture Wars,Thomas Frank's book on culture wars, What's the Matter with Kansas?


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