Sunday, July 25, 2004

11 Unanswered, Unasked Questions about 9/11

One has to wonder, now that the 9/11 report essentially releases every state actor from responsibility for 9/11, why weren't the obvious leads to Pakistan and the ISI followed up? Why, given all the information in the public domain that Al Qaida had disturbingly close ties to Pakistan's nuclear establishment, which became a veritable nuclear bazaar to the world, is the Bush Administration not even investigating these matters? Why is Pakistan our close ally in the war on terror, when by all objective measures, they should have been in line for a taste of Bush's doctrine of preemption long before Iraq. Pakistan poses a great and gathering threat both in terms of the export and support of international terrorism and their proliferation of WMD, not to mention the very real threat that they could put, or let fall, a nuclear weapon into the hands of Islamic radicals who might actually use it against us. As you can see, there are nothing but unanswered questions about Pakistan. 11 of them, in fact.


At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm suddenly in Phoenix for business this week - is there a group of former Deaners meeting to watch his speech this evening?

Please email me with info at (temp email address). Thanks!

Eric Davis
Democracy For Illinois


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