Thursday, June 17, 2004

T.I.A. Lives!

Is Big Brother watching, listening to and misusing information about you? Yes. He's probably even reading this blog. The Strangelovian Total Information Awareness program, brainchild of convicted Iran-Contra criminal Admiral Poindexter, is alive and thriving in the black bag budget of the Pentagon. You know, the billions of dollars that get spent without any democratic controls because of 'National Security' concerns? Well, congratulations, your phone calls, plane trips, television viewing habits, credit card transactions, and just about any other electronic records you produce in your daily life are now the focus of a massive, off-the-books, Congressionally unauthorized, boondoggle of data mining and counter-terror focused on American citizens that could cause you to be harrassed or arrested at any moment because of a stupid mistake or misunderstanding. Who do we have to thank for this Orwellian nightmare? Do you really have to ask?


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