Monday, June 14, 2004

Stop Michael Moore!?

Stop Michael Moore! The fascists are at it again. Now they are trying to intimidate theater chains to prevent them screening Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11'. This is a naked attempt at good old-fashioned un-American censorship of opposing political views.

If Moore's film is so chock full of lies, why not refute it rather than attempt to censor it? Lucky for us these kommissars have provided us with a nice list of theater execs to write to in support of artistic freedom and American values. Go to it, and spread the word! Write to your representatives about it while you are at it.


At 3:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I contacted 10 of the big execs this morning courtesy of the americamovingforward web site! I requested they please not succumb to the efforts of the radical right to censor this movie!

At 7:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very sad to see some many good people believe everthing in this movie. First, I would like to say I appreciate the value of “coverage”. By this I mean seeing things as they really happen. However, when there is a political agenda involved it somehow inhibits the viewer, listener, or reader to conclude their thoughts on what they have just experienced. Hidden political agendas seem to make up the minds of too many Americans. It seems a shame to have movements that cater to the same two political parties. Having said this... the american public needs an up to date lesson of film editing.


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