Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Obama's bangin'

Barack Obama, an excellent prospect to take a new Senate seat for the Democrats this cycle, and one of my favorite politicians (I'll predict now this man will be on a Presidential ticket in the future), has challenged Republican Jack Ryan to a series of 6 debates. Big deal right? Well, polling indicates that Obama is cruising to victory. He's now motoring toward the finish line at 52-30 over Ryan in late May polling, and the spread is probably even greater now.

Obama doesn't need to debate Ryan. CW says he should duck the issue. His immediate acceptance of Ryan's invitation to debate demonstrates both his confidence and committment to the democratic process. Ryan has lept at the chance, but Barrack, a Havard Law grad and the first black editor of the Harvard Law Review, will debone him in debate.

With more credible, skilled, smart and daring candidates like Barack Obama, the Democratic party is going to stomp on the GOP in coming cycles. With dilletante, self-funding, trustfundie duds, and racebaiting, intolerant, Jesus feltching, redneck populists shouldering out the real political talent in the GOP, courtesy the Rove machine, their bench is going to start looking like the 1962 Mets pretty soon.


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