Sunday, June 20, 2004

Local Flavor: Kathy's Doggie Park

Sometimes public officials get the luxury of putting aside partisan bickering and just doing the right thing. Unfortunately, that seldom happens on a scale much greater than the new midtown dog park which Kathleen Dunbar has done so much to open. Mrs. Dunbar is, of course, the Republican Tucson city council member for Ward III. I do not make a habit of praising Republicans, so you know she must deserve this,

"Good job, Kathleen."

It just goes to show that a dog can bring out the best in people. Kathleen's six dogs inspired her to do something wonderful and useful for the city. Most of the other Council persons are not dog owners, and do not see the need for such latte-sipping, Volvo-driving non-sense as dog parks. But the mayor, also a Republican, is and does. He was instrumental in getting Kathleen the money she needed to make the park happen. So I find myself again praising a Republican,

"Good job, Bob."

Excuse me while a mash my fingers into a pulp with a hammer in contrition.

The result of all this doggish good-will, and the generous private and corporate donations which made completion of the park possible, was today's ribbon cutting ceremony inaugurating the new off-leash park on 6th just below Grant.

It just goes to show that a dog can bring out the best in a person. Of course, how then do we explain this?

All I can conclude is that like a mother's love, a dog's is independent of merit. And even though dogs can often inspire their guardians to do wonderful and kind things for them, some people just cannot be made to treat the poor, the disenfranchised, the weak and the vulnerable, better than they would... a dog. Well, so much for putting aside partisan bickering. I do have a tone to maintain, you know...


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