Thursday, June 17, 2004

Kerry/Dean 2004?

Zogby phone polls in battleground states are showing a Kerry/Dean ticket having a definitive edge with key Democratic constituencies over a Kerry/Gephardt ticket. There are rumours, and rumours of rumours, that Kerry's recent campaign sweep in the Northwest with Dean did very well financially and saw the emergence of a new-found respect and friendship between the two men. Of course, Dean wouldn't be much help to Kerry in taking a Southern state or two from Bush, or in delivering the Midwest or Southwest vote like some others might, but he is a passionate and talented campaigner who has learned his lessons through hard knocks and commands the respect of many to the Left of the party. With Nader on the hustings positioned to play spoiler in our wonky electoral system, that could be an even more critical issue to Kerry than regional balance, or pleasing the DLC.

At last, Dean is in play. The 'sphere is no longer smirking at the idea of Dean as VP, even if CW still is, and the Edwards juggernaut looks a tad less inevitable. Don't get too excited though, although it is a trailing indicator and not a predictor, the market for Dean VP futures is still in the basement.


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