Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm just sick and want someone in jail.

The CIA is probing Ahmad Chalabi's alleged spy links to Iran, specifically the allegation that he tipped off Iranian intellegence that America had cracked their classified code. If this is true, it is an intellegence blow of major proportions. It makes the outing of Valerie Plame look positively patriotic by comparison. The Bush Administration seems content to flush our hum-int capacity down the toilet if there is a political advantage to it.

The first rule of tradecraft is to never trust a traitor. Having changed alliegence once, it is far too easy for him to do so again. Chalabi, a traitor to his own people, a traitor to his investors, and a power- and money-mad egoist, should never have been allowed access to classified U.S. information. It's like giving an assassin a gun and turning your back on him. Those who think that the Bush team is worldly wise and experienced need only familiarize themselves with Chalabi's history to know that this is a man one might use, but never trust. What sort of naiveté does it take to give such a man access to state secrets? The Bush kind. That's the kind where you pretend to know better than everyone else, and then consistently fall flat on your smug fucking face.

I think that Bush would sell the codes to the our nuclear arsenal to the person who could guarantee his re-election. This Administration has consistently acted in their own interest, even at the cost of national security. Now Bush is lawyering up on the Valerie Plame affair, because a Grand Jury is cranking up to hand down indictments. Now, while the Prez is retaining counsel, he continues assures the country of his Administration's complete co-operation with Prosecutor Fitzgerald's office. I usually lawyer up when I am completely blameless and ready to help however I can. "I'd like to know who leaked," Bush said in October. "And if anybody's got information inside our government or outside our government who leaked, you ought to take it to the Justice Department, so we can find the leaker." Now, call me a cynic, but I'm thinking anyone who did so had better be lawyered up and in an undisclosed location if they don't want to be buried under the shit-storm Bush would throw at them. There is simply no way anyone accessed program specific intel, such as Plame's identity, who was not part of a very small charmed circle in the Adminsitration. There is no way there is not a record indicating who did it, who ordered it, and who the information was released to. No one without access to Special Access programs could access Plame's identity and that gives a field of suspects of less than 10 people, none of whom would lift a finder without Bush's approval and none of who are going to say a word without an idictment with their name on it.

And then there is Abu Ghraib, where the Bush Administration had prison consultants working, both for private contractors and for the DOJ, who had been fired for abuse (including rape, assault, and manslaughter) and misconduct (like destruction of evidence in a criminal investigation) in United States prisons from Arizona, Texas, and Connecticut. And still Bush maintains the absolutely unbelievable lie that Abu Ghraib was just a few grunts having sport off the reservation. How can the press just sit and listen to these lies? Why don't Bush press gaggles become like standup comedy performances, with reporters laughing so hard they can't breath? How did we and our press ever become such stupid, uncritical, craven little kiss asses?

Isn't it possible we could jam together all the messes that the Bush Adminstration have made? If we stick Robert Novak and Ahmed Chalabi in Abu Ghraib and have Lindey England torture them, I think it won't take too long to discover who leaked Plame's identity and whether Chalabi is an Iranian double agent. But, of course, that would be effective, efficient, and fair. Bush seems to have signed a contract with somebody that his Adminstration would never be any of those things. Who did he sign a contract with? Hmmm... let's see now.... could it be? SATAN? Yes, that right. There now, it wasn't that hard, was it?

Addendum: Chalabi is now claiming that the CIA is trying to smear him. Not the Administration mind you, he hasn't burned all his bridges yet. It will be interesting to see who wins the rhetorical war between two big shameless liars; Bush v. Chalabi. Chalabi has proven again and again that he's not only in Bush's league, but far beyond it, in lying bastardry. It will be instructive and entertaining to watch one who knows how to play the game so well plying his trade...


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