Thursday, June 03, 2004

Data on National Debt by President - dKosopedia

Data on National Debt by President - dKosopedia

Call the Republicans the "screw the kids, I want that new car now!" Party. For the past generation, whenever these bozos get into power, they run up a ridiculous amount of debt. I guess they figure that kids can't vote, so fuck 'em. We'll spend their money buying the votes of those who can. The Republicans are a third-world style party. Their priorities are buying guns (even if we haven't any need for them), satisfying the wealthy and the corporate, marching about in cute paramilitary outfits, trying to corrupt the ballot box, attacking everyone else who might challenge their power as being un-Banana Republican, and trying their best to spend us into becoming a third-world nation. The Republican party no longer represents Republican virtues. I am more Republican can most Republicans in Congress, and certainly in the White House.

It's time that we Democrats took over those traditional Republican values openly as a repudiation of today's Republicans. We could rename the party and Democratic Republican party (a name not without a heritage) and write a platform that includes a strong and sensible national defense, balanced budgets, equitable taxes, fair trade, and support for small buinesses... hmmm. Sounds familar. You know, I think this IS our platform. Whatdya know. Democrats are more reliably Republican than "so-called" Republicans who have hijacked the party of Lincoln.

We're not doing a good job of communicating it, though. A while back I was at a McDonalds drive through (I needed spackling, so I bought a vanilla shake) and the young Native American kid at the window saw my "Proud American Proudly Voting Democrat" sticker. He said, "You're a Democrat? I'm a Republican. My party freed the slaves, what has your party done lately?" My jaw dropped. There were any number of things I could say, like winning WWI and WWII, like building the Great Society, or ending Aparthied in America. But I couldn't bring myself to bust a rheotrical cap in this burger flipping dumb-ass. I just told him, "Son, that is the last thing your party has done for anyone who looks like you. The only thing they can point to with pride for past 150 years. Personally, I would be embarrassed to belong to a party that has to dig that deep to find something to be proud of." And left it at that.

If the Republican have some Native kid working at McD's thinking they're on his side, we have done dropped the ball. Yet despite their constant screw ups, despite their people- hating policies, they talk a good game. They are putting their message out there and its just stupid enough that people lap it up. Perhaps what we need is to be right less, and persuasive more.


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