Saturday, June 12, 2004

Coup D'etat?

Michael Ruppert weaves the threads of scandal into a very alarming tapestry of conspiracy. He argues that Tenet and Pavitt's resignations signals the begining of the end of the Bush Administration. He is about to be criminally charged in the Plame affair, and possibly in other open investigations. Tenet and Pavett resigned so preciptously so as to be available to testify without Bush or Cheney being able to invoke executive priviledge.

The author argues, quite convincingly, for a CIA-backed take-down of a rogue Administration that has become a serious liability for the powerful and influential of America. For my own part, I'm not entirely convinced by the conjecture. I am inclined to use Occam's Razor to cut out any CIA conspiracy out of the weave. I find it entirely believable that responsible and professional people throughout the government are intent on protecting America's reputation and the institutional integrity of our system of government, regardless of their ideology or party. People can be quite ready to flush the Bush Administration down the toilet of history and to step up to tell what they know to make that happen without having to propose any conspiracy behind it. The Bush Administration is certainly inept enough to stick their collective foot in it without any help. On the other hand, who knows? Odder and less rational things have proven true. Of course, if Bush succeeds in squirreling away his Presidential papers, we may never know the truth of the matter in our lifetimes.

"President Hastert" doesn't sound very appealing either, but it can hardly be worse than what we have. It would certainly ensure the election of Kerry in 2004, and probably 2008 as well. Hell, if there were any justice in politics, a Bush/Cheney impeachment double-tap would ensure Democratic control of the Executive for the remainder of the 21st century.


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