Saturday, June 12, 2004

CO Redistricting Denial of Cert Demonstration SC's Contempt for Federalism

A Troubling Dissent from the SC. They rejected cert by 5 to 3 on a CO redistricting case, but the dissent of Rhenquist, Scalia, and Thomas (the three partisan whores) makes it clear that they had pre-judged that the CO SC was merely "purporting" to apply state law in the case. Of course, they would know, as they are experts in "purporting" to apply the Constitution, when, in fact, it is their thumbs on the scales of justice, not our Constitution. These three bastards need to be fully flushed out for the inconsistent political hacks they are. We need the Democratic Party to try the same mid-term redistricting gerrymandering as the CO and TX GOP in a Democratic majority state, and then get the case up to the SC and see what they say. If their decision doesn't contradict their convenient, redistrict-as-thee-will stance of the TX case, I'll eat my law degree.

They will, of course, find some meaningless point to distinguish upon and blow out of proportion, but they would never hand the Democrats an unearned advantage. The very first thing Democrats should do upon regaining Congress is to impeach these bastards, and give the GOP whatever they ask for their heads on a platter (espcially the young-uns Scalia and Thomas). Then again, Secret Service protection of SC Justices is very light as Souter's recent assault indicates. Who knows, we might get lucky.


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