Monday, June 14, 2004

Bushenko Strikes Again...

Perhaps it will surprise no one to learn the Bush Administration may have intentionally rigged the State Department's terrorism report for 2003. They hid figures indicating terrorism was at a 20 year high under the fiction that it was at a 34 year low.

Reality has no meaning anymore. We have officially become the Soviet Union where false reports became not just a tool of political control, but a self-reinforcing belief system about reality that ultimately destroyed the state. The Bush Administration's Lysenkoism should be a lesson to us all. All fact gathering and disseminating functions in Washington need to be isolated from political control and rigourously and openly audited on a constant basis. Everything that doesn't require a security clearance should be taken only from open-source networks of experts, or vetted by the same. It is the only way to keep the Right from lying the nation into an early grave.


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