Sunday, June 13, 2004

Bush Asked for Vatican's Help on Re-election

Bush requested the Curia to nudge American clergy into more outright political activism. In essence, he requested Papal assistance with his re-election based on his extra-constitutional positions on gay marriage and abortion. What once was the boogey man used against Kennedy, that he would follow the Pope and not the Constitution, is now the bait with which Bush courts the Curia's favor. What is the difference between taking instructions from Rome and Bush's advocacy of overturning the constitutional status quo ante on gays and reproductive rights in the hope of gaining the favor of the Pope? How is it any different to ask the Pope to instruct his clergy to influence their parishoners than asking a foreign leader to instruct his countrymen in America to influence the outcome of an election? People would be outraged by the naked meddling in our elections by a foriegn country. This is worse. The President is willingly offering his fealty to the interests of a foreigner leader to gain favor.

Bush is a religious quisling. He has chosen loyalty to a set of relgious tenets over his consititional duty to enforce the laws of this nation. He is plotting with the Pope to insert religious law into our Constitution in order to maintain and extend his own power. Bush is a traitor to the Novus Ordo Secularum of our founding. It may not be criminal, or even impeachable, but it is deplorable, and if Catholics and other Christians heed the lessons of history, they will oppose it too. No good can come of mixing relgion and secular authority in a modern, pluralistic society.


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