Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Arizona Daily Sun

Rick Renzi recently started running ads in District 1. The ad is called the "Renzi workhorse", believe it or not. The Arizona Daily Sun reports: "The campaign for [Paul] Babbitt, the Democrat who is challenging the incumbent Republican, responded with a series of detailed criticisms of Renzi's record.

The campaign contends that Renzi voted to 'underfund' education by more than $9 billion next year by supporting the Leave No Child Behind legislation, voted against a one-time $1,500 bonus for military personnel sent to Iraq and Afghanistan and lent his vote to 'a sham drug plan that hurts seniors.'

The Babbitt camp criticizes the drug plan for prohibiting Medicare from negotiating lower drug prices, pushing more seniors into health maintenance organizations, and nearly doubling the annual deductible within seven years.

Moyer dismissed the criticisms as 'Democratic Party rhetoric.'"

What? What? What?! So now a politician's voting record and non-partisan fiscal analysis of major legislation presented in a fact-based, specific critique of a poltician's record is just partisan rheotric? The arrogance and distain for the intelligence of the average person of the Renzi campaign has just been revealed. Only someone with absolute contempt for the voters would dismiss such criticism so flippantly. Renzi deserves to go go down in flames. With a death grip on W's coat tails, and lacking any personal merit, that is exactly where Renzi is headed.


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