Sunday, May 02, 2004

You May Be a Warmongering Radical...

Clifford May’s broadside against supporters of Palestinian statehood employs misdirection in an attempt to hoodwink the reader. Mr. May equates support for the Palestinian people with support for terrorism and aggression. Most Americans agree neither with May’s characterization nor his support of Ariel Sharon’s recently proposed "final solution" to the Palestinian issue. Imposition of a unilateral solution will only ensure more violence.

Polling by the University of Maryland indicates that only 17% of Americans agree with the idea that the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is part of a war on terrorism. An overwhelming majority of Americans view the Israeli government’s current occupation and colonization policies as counter-productive and self-defeating.

Americans, being fair-minded and realistic, hold both sides accountable for the cycle of Israeli-Palestinian violence. Americans want a lasting solution that is acceptable to both sides. Over three-quarters of Americans favor a two-state solution brokered and overseen by the UN.

Most Americans agree with the Israeli peace movement’s view that the occupation must end, not with the radicals who wish a Greater Israel. May is just a mouthpeice for this lunatic fringe.

Why are the views of the Israeli peace movement and the vast majority of Americans largely ignored by the American press? Because huge PR budgets are dedicated to portrayal of the radical views of May’s Foundation for Preservation of Democracies and AIPAC as mainstream, and labeling as anti-Semitic anyone who disagrees with them. True progress toward peace will continue to languish so long as radicals like May are allowed to dominate the dialogue with their lies, distortions, and fear-mongering.


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