Saturday, May 29, 2004

Shrouded: Soldiers, Memorial Day 2004



WHAT: A photographic event to honor the soldiers who have died in Iraq.

WHEN: Monday, MAY 31st, @ 7: 00 am-9 am.

WHERE:El Parque en el Cielo. 1700 N. Wentworth. Take east Speedway to Wentworth and turn left. It is the 1st place on the right.

A photograph will be created with 800+ Tucsonans, each draped in an American flag representing a soldier killed in the IRAQ war. A $3 donation is requested to cover the cost of flag and a wristband designating the soldier you represent in the photograph, which is yours to keep.

How to participate: email to register:


  • To acknowledge and honor the 800 American Service women and men who
    have died in the IRAQ war.

  • To demonstrate your concern and awareness on this important day.

  • Free Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee!

  • Need a ride? Just ask! Carpooling encouraged

Ann Simmons-Myers, Head of the Photography Department at Pima Community College, is a vivid chronicler of individuals.  Her portraits have honored diverse groups. Her mission now is to acknowledge and honor the American soldiers who have been killed since the United States went to war in Iraq. Simmons- Myers will create a photograph memorializing the 800+ soldiers who have given their lives. From above, the artist will turn her camera to the bodies below, each draped in the American flag representing a soldier killed while on duty.

Simmons-Myers wants to express her gratitude to the people who have died and the families who have suffered and to recognize the increasing number of
lives that are being lost.

"I respect the servicemen and women. I want to honor those individuals who have lost their lives through the creation of this image."

"It will be an experience that participants will remember for the rest of their lives. Let's document our concern.  We hope that along with military families and their loved ones all Tucsonans who are looking for a way to honor and
mourn the war dead on Memorial Day will participate."


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