Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Bush is a Mullah Tool

The Guardian Unlimited reports "US intelligence fears Iran duped hawks into Iraq war". The rumors have been floating for a while, but this is the first publication by a major newspaper. What a sad, sad chapter in the history of American foreign policy if the suspicion is justified. What sad and dishonorable end for the great War Hawks of the GOP; nothing but tools for a slippery little wog they thought was their own creature.

Ahmad Chalabi played the Bush Administration perfectly. The crowing and boasting of Chalabi following the invasion was perfectly justified. He duped the enemies of his masters, who consider Iran a member of the Axis of Evil and have more than once suggested an attack on Iran, into pouring billions of dollars and hundreds of American lives into toppling Iran's greatest enemy. It is geo-political judo of the highest order. Only the most hubristic, ignorant, and willfully blind Administration could have been taken by it so completely.

The war freed the Shi'ite majority of Iraq from tyranny and religious persecution. They will rise as a great force in the new Iraqi state, fostering closer relations and cooperation between the former enemies, though likely not direct control by Iran. A more perfect outcome could hardly be imagined for the Mullahs of Iran; they rise in prestige, secure their recently wobbly rule, brushing back democratic reforms for yet another generation, bring a former enemy into their sphere of influence, and steal a march on Israel, who had perhaps believed the major benefactor of the Iraq War would be themselves.

Seldom has a coup of such stunning brilliance been accomplished in the history of international relations. Mainly because seldom has the majority of a supposedly sophisticated nation been so thoroughly gulled by the rather ham-handed misinformation and agit-prop campaign of a foreign adventurer. The Neo-Con-poops are going to be the butt of derision indeed if Chalabi is smart and decides to pen his own tell-all book by a former Administration "official". The royalties should go a long way in Iran.


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