Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Bush Concerned About Vets... So Long As They Vote For Him

Dubuque, IA: During Bush's recent bus tour "at least one person who said he waited patiently in line came away empty handed.

Bill Ward, of Dubuque, said he arrived at about 7:30 a.m., and waited an hour. When it came time to show his identification, Ward said he was asked if he supported Bush in 2000.

'I said I didn't vote for him then and I won't vote for him now,' Ward said.

Saying he is a World War II veteran who served in Germany and France, Ward is strongly critical of the war in Iraq.

'The only thing I wanted to do was get down to the riverfront and ask Bush some questions,' he said.

Ward's lack of support for the president apparently was his undoing.

'They asked some girl to escort me out and I told them I don't need to be escorted out,' Wards said. 'I'm a veteran of World War II.'"

Apparently, that doesn't mean crap to Shrub. Boy, this little sprig makes his dad look better by comparison every day.


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