Monday, April 12, 2004

Time to Impeach Scalia

In a display of hubris and criminality that strains credulity, Associate Injustice Antonin Scalia has broken the law and infringed upon the free speech rights of reporters.

Unlike his disgusting refusal to recuse from his fishin' buddy Dickie Cheney's lil' ol' case involving vital issues of executive privilege, the standards applicable to Scalia's latest anti-constitutional outrage are very clear and not left to the individual judge: in fact, Congress wrote them down for convenience and clarity. It's called the Privacy Protection Act and it forbids the exact behavior Scalia so flagrantly engaged in. Using a Federal Officer to seize documentary materials from a reporter is unlawful. It qualifies as a both behavior unbecoming a public official, and a high crime or misdemeanor, both being grounds for impeachment of a Federal judge.

So where are the Articles of Impeachment? I guess Scalia is right in his implied assertion that he is above the law. In the United States we are no longer a government of laws, we are a government of men. Certain men find it to be in their own interest that Scalia remain in office, and they won't allow something so insubstantial as the law stand in their way.


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