Saturday, April 10, 2004

Things Come Apart

The wires sizzle with fresh news of the worsening strategic position of Centcom and the the Coalition forces in Iraq. The IGC is in revolt, calling for us to pull back from punishing the innocent in Falluja. Thousands of Shi'ites flood into the holy places. Shopkeepers and farmers are taking up arms. Our Iraqi security contingents have melted away, and we hunker down into an enclave strategy hoping to ride out the storm.

It is hard to tell, of course, what is rumour, what is biased, and what is fact in the reportage from Iraq. It is one of the fundamental tactical issues of modern war come to the media; the fog of war is upon us.

There is no telling about how events will unfold, but one thing is certain, our people keep dying, thousands of Iraqi's have died and been wounded and there are more to come. Yet Bush continues to obscure the truth with his assinine, morality play bullshit. Today he announced in a radio address:

"As the June 30th date for Iraqi sovereignty draws near, a small faction is attempting to derail Iraqi democracy and seize power."

You don't use AC-130 Spectre gunships, nicknamed Azrael (for the angel that serarates body from soul), against a small faction of malcontents in a multi-city assault. Imagine the worst hail you conceive coming down on a concentrated area. Now imagine the hail is a killing storm of lead or DU. That is the dual mini-gun configuration that has been deployed on ground targets in Iraq the past few days.

I swear, somebody needs to superglue Bush's damn mouth shut for the rest of his only term. It is begining to look very much like a popular uprising against the occupation is building, and this is all he can find to say? His statement is a string of bald-faced lies that he hopes with sweaty little palms might turn out to be true. This isn't a leader, this a little kid trying to lie his way out of well-deserved punishment.

If we are driven from effective contol of Iraq, and forced into a defensive posture, history indicates that the counter begins to tick until we are ejected entirely. The impact of either occurence on the political position of Bush will be incalcuable. The blood will be in the water, and all the other sharks can't help but respond.

I hope Denny Hastert is dragging his executive skill set out of the closet. He used to be a high-school coach. That has to be better preparation for "Acting President" than cheerleader, don't you think?


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