Thursday, April 29, 2004

Is There a Movement to Un-nominate Kerry?

John Kerry must go. According to James Ridgeway of the Villge Voice there is rumbling in the Democratic establishment that Kerry hasn't the right stuff.

I find this preposterous. Yes, Kerry is not ideal. But Democrats selected him democratically. Now the divines of the Party want another chance to screw up having helped to bring down Dean? How many presumptive nominees to these idiots need to get it right. If Kerry is failing to deliver it is their fault as much as the candidates.

Kerry is a strong candidate. His main problem is his inexperience in a national race, but that is almost always a learning curve, even for the last cycle's victor, because the political landscape changes so rapidly. He is firm in his convictions, and his often shows laudible flashes of spine, such as when he recently said he wasn't going to stand by and take the denigration of his service record. If he can deliver on such moments of strength, and clearly articulate a unifying theme and domestic policy agenda, while distinguishing his foreign policy from Bush's (getting in line with his party, too, by the way), then he stands an excellent chance of beating Bush.

Latest polling is showing Kerry doing well in swing states despite recent set-backs in Red States. But who cares about Red States? We aren't going to win more than a handful, at best. If Kerry is performing well in the swing state under a barrage of Bushit over the airwaves, he is going to hold up for the long haul. The Dem establishment would be fools to try to change horses again at this time. They need to make our dray look and perform like a showhorse, and we can win. All the GOP will have by election day is a pot of glue.


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