Monday, April 19, 2004

The Gloves Comes Off

The media are finally taking off their kid gloves and treating Iraq as a costly mistake, rather than divine will. This photo appeared in the Seattle Times.

Journalists are awakening to the fact that their duty is to the American people, not the Bush Administration. We deserve to see the costs and the horrors of war, as well as its triumphs. Only with a balanced view can citizens excercise their rights and duty to decide the best course of action. For too long the press hid the ugly aspects of war from us: refusing to show battle casualties, failing to show us the dead and wounded American youth that fuel Bush's war, and allowing the Administration to restrict access to the return and interrment of our honored dead.

The media taboos are falling in the face of an failing policy, and the Resident's fading popularity. Next thing you know CNN and Fox will be accepting Al Jazeera footage of civilian casualties and battle damage. As soon as that occurs, you'll know - the war will be over.


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