Wednesday, April 14, 2004

A Busy Person's Guide to the Bush Press Conference

criticalviewer: A Busy Person's Guide to the Federal Idiot Press Conference A very nice summary of the nothing that the Federal Idiot spewed. It's simply not fair that real people don't get to ask the questions, they would be much more penetrating. Though, I must admit, the press is begining to smell blood in the water and there's nothing more stimulating than that - especially Federal Idiot blood.

The conservative blogspere positively crawls with self-satisfaction. I think the only thing approaching the satisfaction of the defeat of the Idiot, will be the absolute shock of the Idiots-in training who adore him. I gotta say I'm looking forward to laughing my ass off for a solid week or two when the Idiot goes down in flames.

In actuality, I don't think defeat is enough. The amount of blood the Federal Idiot has shed in his mad crusade really must be repaid in kind. I won't be satisfied with Idiot-boy prancing around, serving on boards, giving very expensive speeches, and building his library (which apparently won't contain much that isn't locked up).

No, I'm afraid I won't be satisfied until I see that piece of garbage in the dock, on trial for his life before a war-crimes tribunal. And I won't be truly happy until I see him swing on the 9 o'clock news. It's time we set a limit. A clear warning. Fuck with America as from Office and we'll stretch your worthless neck, not just send you into a dispised, but cushy, retirement.

No, I won't be satisfied with 400K a year and SS detail for the F.I.. His debt to society won't be paid until he's given everything he's ever stolen back, including his worthless life, in return for the thousands of lives he's stolen and ruined. It's time to stop letting Federal Idiots at any level get away with murder just because we call it war, or national security. It's time to stop putting up with politicians selling-out the public welfare to the highest bidder and calling it policy. It's time to stop them murdering our people and calling "Dying for Liberty." It's "Dying for Halliburton," or whichever souless phychopath corporation has its fingers around the right throats. It's treason. We put people to death for treason. I think it's high-time liberals got a great deal more serious about dealing with people who have any ideas about exploiting this nation and its people. The only way to stop these criminals, Savonarolas, and Princelings who think they are above the law, or that they ARE the law, is to disabuse them of the notion- with extreme prejudice. And thereby give warning to all their kind that playtime is OVER.

Perhaps next time we have a vote in Congress to go to war, we should make sure that our "representatives" are really convinced that the nation is in danger. We'll set up the executioner right next to the voting board and snuff every person who votes "yes" on the spot. That way, the ones who had a choice will get the great honor of being the first one's to die for our freedom. No more chickhawk sons-of-bitches sending our sons, daughter, fathers, wives, and husbands off to die, unless they are willing to sacrifice themselves first. I'm guessing we might just have a few less wars.


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