Thursday, March 04, 2004

To those who do not wish to support Kerry with time and money:

I can certainly understand your choice, and respect it. Nobody should ask you to violate your ideals or your conscience. I seriously considered that course myself. Ultimately, I decided against it, and here's why.

I suspected that I was making the perfect the enemy of the... not great? Passably benign? Non-malignant? Anyhow... There are a lot worse things than Kerry, even if he is a son-of-bitch and belly crawling bastard character assassin. Specifically, everything to do with the Bush Admin and the GOP's right wing.

So? Let others carry the load. Unfortunately, from those with great gifts are great feats asked. The simple fact is that we Deaniacs are the heavy hitters of the small donor Democratic electorate. No one else has the money and, more importantly, the willingness to open their wallets to beat Bush that we have demonstrated. If we don't step up and fork over the green with one hand while holding our noses with the other, then Kerry cannot rely on small donors for even a substantial portion of his campaign needs.

Guess what that means? Kerry being the special interest whore and practical fella that he is, he'll suck up to the very same donors who are bundling millions for Bush. Don't think that he won't. We have the rotten bastard at least talking the talk now, we may be able to teach him to walk the walk. But if we take the money leash off him, he'll run off, piss on BCRA, and take the tasty treats from Mr. Lobbyist who lives down the street.

The best way to insure that the bastard is OUR bastard is to stuff his treasury with grassroots money. I know it sounds bizzare and counterintuitive, but the only way to get a populist into the White House now, is to buy one. The fundraising revolution of Dean is not one of technique, or message, or technology; it's just never been this bad. I gave so much to Dean because I was desperate, and I was in love. I don't love Kerry, but I'm still deperate. And upon self-examination, the love just made the money easier to part with. The desperation is what really opened my wallet.

So. You all need to come to your own conclusions and follow your own lights, but I have made up my mind. I'm pissing myself contemplating another Bush Administration. If a few thousand bucks can stave that off, and maybe keep Kerry off the special interest sauce, then I'm in.

Guess I better liquidate what's left of my 401K...


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