Friday, March 26, 2004

They Just Can't Help It...

The Administration lied about the extent of the Lybian nuclear program. They vastly overstated the extent of the program, the amount of equipment and material, and the probable timeline to acquiring weapons grade material, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

So what? Exactly. The Bush Administration scored a PR coup with the Lybian agreement, even though they mischaracterized it as Quadaffi running scared because of Iraq. So why lie? Well, there really isn't any reason except that they could - so they did.

The DSM-IV does not have an actual diagnosis of 'pathological liar' or 'compulsive liar', because there is no such condition. But you might find it interesting to note that frequent, or compulsive lying is a symptom of anti-social personality disorder or sociopathy. I have maintained for some time that I truly believe that Bush, and perhaps others on the White House staff and Cabinet, display the syptoms of this condition. It seems that Kurt Vonnegut, for one, agrees with me. So, we have yet another peice of proof that these people whose fingers we have placed on the big red button have no concern whatever for the rules of ethics or morality, for the feelings or fate of others, or for the consequences of their actions. That they'll lie when it doesn't even benefit them, and even though they are absolutely sure to be caught in thier lies, demonstrates a very deep pathology at work. People should be much more concerned about what these people will do if they find themselves in a position where they've truly got nothing to lose - like the months of 'lame duck' status following a loss in November.


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