Sunday, March 07, 2004

Renzi's Financial Woes

Rick Renzi, the Virgina carpetbagger Congressman from whom Paul Babbitt is seeking to wrest back an Arizona seat, is apparently having lots of financial difficulty lately. His consultants are suing him, the bank has foreclosed on the Arizona home he bought to establish residency, and the government sought to auction of a part of Mr. Renzi's winery to pay back taxes.

Of course, Mr. "I understand the bottom line" Renzi has excuses for all this financial irresponsibility, but it really comes down responsibility. A man who can not even be trusted with his own affairs and finances doesn't seem to be the best choice to manage the finances and affairs of our State and our Nation. "Fast and Loose", is not a good campaign slogan, but that seems to be the message which Mr. Renzi seem to be sending to voters.

"Vote for me, and I'll treat the taxpayers money like it was my own," Mr. Renzi might say to the voters of Arizona. Let's just hope he plans to break that promise, too.


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