Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Next We Invade... Tennesee

Welcome to Armageddon. In a shack, on a hilltop, in TN sat several several barrels of a WMD called P-Fib. A substance to which even a slight exposure kills you brutally via a "dry-land drowning" as your lung inexorably fill with fluid over a tortuious 48 hour period.

Like so many elementary excercises in risk management, the steps neccessary to prevent a WMD from ending up in a shack, available to any terrorist who bothers to jump over a fence, depends on planning based on solid information, coordination with professional and international organizations, and money; actions this Administration seems to be incapable of carrying out, and a mission to which it devotes few resources - Threat Reduction.

The Bush Administration seems to be fond of threats, and uses them skillfully for political purposes (Video). The level of stunning incompence these barrels on hill in TN represent, however, should give even the staunchest Republican pause. The Bush Administration is simply not taking such threats seriously. And the first warning you get that mistakes have been made is when your child comes home from school with a little cough, and is dead 48 hours later, having struggled for breath like a fish out water right before your eyes the entire time.

It's an awful thought. The only one worse. is that Bush might weasel his way out of responsibility for that horror, too. How many will die for Bush's venality and incompetence? How many already have?


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