Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Call for Authors

We need you! Or maybe someone you know... is going through a transition. Now that the nominee has been decided, our focus will be changing to the general election, criticizing Bush even more (if that's even possible), and following important local and state elections in more detail.

We welcome people close to those campaigns who want to communicate with Arizona Democrats to chime in with their opinions and news. We need people from journalism, professional and elected politicians, and deep thinkers from every Democratic candidate's camp to put thier voices online, anonymously if you want, or literally if you choose (we have voice blogging available). Everyone who wants the Bush Administration, and the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellians to end can now unite to take our country back. It's time to set aside any differences and take aim on the radical right at every level.

Many Greens, Republicans, Independents, and others have joined together in the struggle against Bush and the rest of the radical right. We welcome you, as well. Both your perspective on the opposition, and your critique of the Democratic Party are important to keep us on track and prevent the echo chamber from keeping out the voices of people who are not so passionate about politics and don't share our views.

The traffic on this site has dropped off from the several hundred hits a week we were getting with Dean still in the race, but we are retooling, rethinking, and refocusing our efforts. You will notice many changes over the coming weeks, but our openess to the voices of any who wish to join in will not change. With your help, this site can become a home for all forward thinking citizens who care about politics and government, and all those who want to learn more.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog, even if it is only occasionally, if you already have an account and haven't posted in while, or if you know someone who would be a good fit, please write to and introduce yourself. Working together we can keep this site a vital resource for Arizona citizens.


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