Thursday, March 18, 2004

Al Qaida determined the outcome of Spanish election!? Qué mierda!

Despite The White House's recent claim that the Spanish gave in to terrorism by throwing out Aznar, experts on Spanish Politics disagree with such a self-serving characterization.

The troops in Iraq, and Aznar's anti-majoritarian collusion with the Bush Administration's war of aggression (which 90% of Spaniards opposed), combined with Aznar's own self-serving lies regarding the attack being sponsored by ETA to produce a victory for the Socialists. A wave a resentment mobilized a higher than expected turnout and voted the Popular Party out as punishment for their crimes and as an endorsement of an alternative, saner, policy.

The Spaniards weren't cowed by terror and to claim such is immensely insensitive and undiplomatic of the Administration (nothing new there...). In fact, what we just witnessed was an incredible act of political courage. In the face of terrorist carnage such as Europe has not seen in living memory, the Spanish stood up and tore down the government whose policies were putting them in peril, even while claiming to be the people's protectors.

The reason why the Administration is so determined to spin 3/11 is that they recognize their own demise in the determination and courage of the Spanish electorate. Aznar had used the same techniques to sow fear in his populace that Bush uses to sow fear and division here at home. Aznar got his come-uppance for treading on the democratic will of the Spanish people; just as Bush will get his walking papers from America's in November.

The Administration just recognized that the people will not be cowed, even by terrible acts of violence conveniently close to an election. The Administration cannot entertain the possibility of the nation rallying around the leader should a terrorist attack occur here just before our election. Without that possibility, they realize they are deeper trouble than ever. Thus, they have to try to spin the Spanish electorate as cowards and terrorist appeasers, when in fact they were brave, stallwart, and fed up with Aznar's government.


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