Saturday, February 14, 2004

The Politburo Strikes Back

Recent currents are defeatism and understandable disapointment have been swirling into Dean discussion groups. It's understandable. After months on the ropes the DLC's Politburo Apparatchikis are back in the saddle (Kerry's) and feeling their oats. Deaniad's defeatism is counterproductive and damaging to our cause, however.

A few points:
1) I don't want to belong to any club that would have me as a member: the wisdom in this little Grouchian nugget is the contrapositive, if they want to throw you out, that's exactly where you should most want to be. If the Politburo wants us Deaniacs to get the hell out of the Party, it is the clearest sign that we are on the right track. They are afraid. Keep them that way, and never let them drive you out short of pitchforks and napalm.

2)Duverger's law is a stone cold bitch: there are only two effective parties in America. They may morph, shift and change names, but there are only two games in town. Luckily they are both big tents, and if you have enough carnies and lots of money you can build your own tent
that encloses the old one and steal the ticket proceeds.

3)Talk of leaving the party is the same as talking about commiting political suicide: if you hear a Deaniac talking about an exodus to a third party, hold an intervention. We can only change the party from the INSIDE. OUTSIDE all we can do is wither and die.

4)Follow the money: there is a very good reason why the Politburo protect their turf; that green is money. The organs of the party are where the decisions about how the money is spent are made. Building our own thing inside the party is fine, as long as you can get it
funded; otherwise we need to muscle into the existing power structure where ever possible.

5)Don't be afraid to fight hard for control if it wins the grassroots a tangable prize: the Aparatchikis want us to be too intimidated to fight for the goodies. If the the grassroots are ever to take over the party, we must also take over the power structure. Too many grassroots activists distain occupying even the most rudimentary positions like P.C., let alone executive positions. The open secret, which the Politburo hopes we don't see, is that most positions of power in the party are democratically determined - which is why our numbers scare the crap out of the cockroaches.

So, keeping all this in mind, don't let any Dean supporter duck out of the party, stop being active in the party, or be intimidated out of claiming the power that the grassroots deserve. Not voting in protest will only get Deaniacs used as scapegoats by the Politburo if they wind up losing in November. Nothing would suit the Apparatchikis more than for we Dean Supporters to end up as reviled among mainstream Dems as the Greens are for thier perceived contribution to the 2000 debacle.

We can take back our Party, our government, and our country! You just gotta believe.


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