Thursday, February 12, 2004

Muddied Waters

As Kerry's nomination takes a turn for the inevitable, the DeLay-like substance is starting to hit the fan. Kerry has lined up the support of former rival Gephardt, and now Clark is moving toward endorsing Kerry. But the scandalous tidbits are also starting to pile up. On the opposite side of the aisle, Bush is taking such a hammering that the White House and GOP leadership has decided that the best defense is a blistering offense. Look for Bush's proxies to begin an all out assault against any critics of the regime, and that certainly includes Kerry.

Running for Congress in his first bid for power, Vietnam-Era Kerry Saw a Military Led by U.N., not a terribly uncommon utopian dream in that era. But, so much for the credibility of Kerry's charges against Dean that he would allow the UN a veto over the United States' use of the military. Kerry apparently dreamed of the day when our military was directly controlled by the UN at one time. Of course, Kerry was young, and his views have surely evolved, or perhaps devolved is a more accurate term, but certainly his hypocrisy in trying to twist Dean's statements about the use of force and the U.N. is now abundantly clear.

Kerry was photographed near Hanoi Jane at a Vietnam protest. What this is supposed to imply, I haven't any idea. The picture might be doctored, but even if it isn't, so what? They were at the same rally. BFD. Of course they were. Tempest in a hookah pipe. Not an issue. It won't affect Kerry's appeal to Vets.

It is rumoured, by baseless rumour monger Matt Drudge, that a young staffer fled the country as several mainline news sources focused in on her as a Kerry's paramour. Could be true. There have always been stories of Kerry's infidelities. Whether they stem from a basis in reality, or his footloose bachelor days, is not clear.

But everyone has a story. Heck, one of the people close to the Dean campaign here in Arizona claims to know someone who had an affair with Kerry. It seems possible, even likely, that this rumour, true of not, may provoke a flood of other allegations. How Kerry deals with it will be a determinative factor in whether he is able to capture the nomination. Even if Kerry has enough delegates, what is the likelyhood that they will allow Kerry to lead the Democratic party into the general election with a number of stinking albatrosses around his neck? If the rumours are more than rumours, the extremely strong ABB meme, and the drive of Democrats to nominate only a candidate who can beat Bush, might cause Kerry's delegates to think seriously about breaking their agreement to caucus for Kerry and jump ship if it looks like it is serious danger of sinking. Will Democrats allow the nomination to someone who looks crippled and doomed even before the Convention? I suspect not. It is widely felt that these rumours about Kerry's very skeletony closet are what caused Dean to reverse field on his decision to drop out of the race if he could not prevail in WI. Dean is determined to be the last man standing as an alternative to Kerry. And why not? We Dean supporters are certainly willing to continue financing the campaign as long as Dean feels he has a hope of winning the nomination.


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